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My First Reading - Tarot Cards

In life what can prepare you for the first time of any new adventure? I was very nervous and thankfully my first client was wonderful. After a slow start with the 3 card spread which I must admit was not as free flowing as I anticipated and lacked the depth I was seeking.

We moved onto the St John spread and the first question was asked.

The cards were dealt I was truly excited that they were telling a story, a journey a path to follow. As a novice, it did take some time to build the image, however, this and my guest's participation made the reading very interesting and very rewarding.

The second question did not have the intensity of the first but needless to say the cards arrived and with the exception of one card that I did misinterpret the path the cards took us gave us the answer to the question.

My guest that evening has kindly recommended me to other people.

As I have mentioned on the website this is a learning curve for me and I make no charge for a reading, all I seek is participation, honesty and to learn more about Tarot Card reading.


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